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The Dawson Diamonds Booster Club is dedicated to supporting our award-winning drill team.  Made up of 45 dancers, this year's team will perform various routines at all Dawson High School football games in the fall, then compete in drill team competitions in the spring.  The team hosts a Junior Clinic in the fall, teaching young dancers a routine to perform at a home football game.  We also host a ShowMakers of America dance competition at Dawson High School in the spring, where dance teams from around the Houston area are invited to compete.  The year is capped off with a spring show, the "Diamond Dazzle."  It all starts over each summer as the team attends a 3-day intensive line camp each June, and works through "2-a-days" in late July/August.  As we say, Diamonds have no "off season"!

Through sponsorships, booster club memberships, and various fundraisers and spirit nights, we work to provide or offset the costs of various items each year, including:

* Costumes, props, and accessories

* Team travel expenses

* Team meals

* Line camp costs

* Scholarships awarded to outstanding graduation Diamonds to pursue further education

* and more...

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